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All across Ontario youth who have graduated from Grade 8 and are graduating from Grade 12 are invited to get involved in local community events, or to create events of their own to promote or support a cause that they feel really passionate about. ChangeTheWorld is an opportunity for young people to connect to community organizations which can provide you with an awesome  experience. It also  lets you take the initiative on causes you feel really passionate about. ChangeTheWorld is your opportunity to be part of something big...something really BIG!


Contact Katie at: changetheworld@volunteercentre.ca



Local Activity - 2017

Walk A Mile In Her shoes

A Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes, effects and remediations to men's sexualized violence against women.

               Mayor Henderson                                                                   Getting comfortable                                                                   Joseph leads the Parade

              Great Volunteers                                                           Police Chief Scott Fraser "strutting his stuff"                                 BCI's  Colin Murdock & Larry Smith

                                   Practice makes perfect                                                                                      Sore feet 

                                                                                                                Thank You for participating! 



Fair Jeanne Work Party 

The Fair Jeanne is a Tall Ship that is anchored and has it home berth in Brockville.  The work party is an event where students assist with preparing the ship for  summer readiness as she will be sailing with groups of students attending camps.  A large variety of work is involved, many chores from cleaning up the interior to removing the winter tarping.           

                                                                                                                            Great group of students volunteering at the Fair Jeanne Work Party                


Community Clean up

Students worked together to pick up garbage, rake the fall leaves and debris, and generally beautify parks.

                                                                      Terrific students ran the Clean up Committee. They did an excellent Job! 



Day of Silence

Students planned event, gathered to decorate hospital masks, made cupcakes and decorated for post event, made posters to publicize event.


Youth Fair 

Students organized a Youth Fair, including solicitation of participants, set up and tear down, provision of snacks and lunches for participants. The entire student body was able to visit the variety of offerings.



Shimmy Mob   

This organization is working towards raising awareness of the issues surrounding intimate partner violence and raising funds for the local Women's shelter.                               ShimmyMob is a worldwide event where registered dancers learn a pre-set routine that is performed on World Belly Dance Day. The "ChangeTheWorld" youth initiative headed by the Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau joined forces with Brockville Leeds Grenville Thousand Islands ShimmyMob. "ChangeTheWorld"

promotes Teen Volunteerism across Canada.  



 Relay For life

Relay For Life is a festival-like fundraising event where team members take turns walking around a track or designated path. Each team taking part is asked to have at least one member on the track at all times to symbolize the ongoing fight against cancer. On and off track, there is always something to do at Relay For Life. Those taking a break from walking can check out the entertainment and many activities, or relax at their team’s campsite.




Youth Empowered Surfing Seniors Y.E.S.S.  

Y.E.S.S. creates a safe, inclusive environment for Seniors and Youth, Where Seniors explore computer technology and digital communication with Youth as their mentors.
Matching Seniors and Youth to engage in computer learning will provide increased knowledge in using the internet, Skype, and email by the Seniors. Y.E.S.S empowers our community to build new and stronger relationships, increase community connectedness and overall participation in the world around them. Our Youth gain valuable skills through teaching, communicating and assisting a population they may otherwise not have any contact with. We are presented with a unique opportunity; a window into the promise of intergenerational living that helps to combat the feelings of social isolation and loneliness that comes with aging in a largely ageist culture, while introducing an often disenfranchised youth to a higher degree of social awareness and sense of self-worth through volunteerism.


The ChangeTheWorld -Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge is funded by the Government of Ontario and delivered in partnership with the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN). It is a province-wide campaign with the goal to inspire youth to volunteer, develop new skills and broaden their awareness of community service organizations. The Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau is one of 24 Volunteer Centres in Ontario who participated in the 2017 ChangeTheWorld campaign.


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