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Meet the Dancers






Choreographer Nancy Morgan, Dancer Tina Murray, Dancer Geoff Carter

Nancy Morgan

Nancy Morgan started dancing in the 60s in Montreal. After years of study her world exploded after being accept into the National Tap Dance Company in Toronto. In the 80s, she start her own dance company in Montreal called Tapotage and then recently opened her own dance studio in Kemptville, called The Workshop Dance Studio. Catering specifically to adults only, this specially designed studio has a cushioned and heated floor, and offers 12 different affordable and unique classes each week.

Tina Murray

Tina Murray is an independent mortgage agent with Dominion Lending Centres, with her office located in Kemptville.  Outside the office, she is married and a busy mom of 3 teenage boys.  She is also an active member at Centennial Road Church and volunteers her time in many other areas as well.

Geoff Carter

Geoff has not performed in front of an audience since he won the opportunity to play the Artful Dodger, in the play Oliver in 1972 in front of his classmates, parents and siblings who were politely asked to attend. Through the years, Geoff has attended his fair share of weddings where the dance floor seemed appealing, especially when The Rolling Stones tunes were on the turntable. He looks forward to contributing to a wonderful cause and sharing in the laughter. 


Choreographer Jeff Patry, Dancer Mary-Louise Scappaticci, Dancer Rob Nolan

Jeff Patry

Jeff Patry's ballroom/latin dance career began at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Ottawa.  Since he lived in Brockville and there wasn't a ballroom /latin dance program available he partnered with the Broadway Dance Academy to help create the premier adult dance program in the city.  With 10 years of dance experience under his belt he strived to educate and support the Brockville Dance community.  When he's not dancing, Jeff is a local real estate investor whose goal is to provide decent housing for local renters.  

Mary-Louise Scappaticci

Mom of 3, Art Teacher at TISS and an exhibiting artist in Toronto Galleries Mary-Louise represented Eastern Ontario In the 2015 Canadian Art Battle International Pan Am games. Passionate about inspiring others you can also find her entertaining and teaching at Captain George's Paint nights.


Rob Nolan


Rob is the new Director of Economic Development for the City of Brockville, having started this role in May 2017.  Rob moved to Brockville from the GTA and had also lived in England for 12 years where he met his wife Lisa.  As for a dancing career, that was pretty short lived … one day only … his wedding day!




Choreographer Katrina Burns, Dancer Lisa Sheperd, Dancer Dave Jeggo


Katrina Burns


Katrina has always had a strong passion for dance and theatre. Since the age of 4 she could be found around the dance studio practicing and developing her love for the art form. She has over 15 years training in disciplines such as ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap and modern, and has been instructing and assisting in such disciplines for over 10 years Katina believes dance to be a great tool and outlet for all children, young and old.She looks forward to another exciting year with Dancing Stars and can't wait to see what the teams bring to the table!


Lisa Shepherd


Lisa Shepherd is a born and raised Brockvillian with 3 young children.  She is a graduate of the Homeward Bound Program, and is also a consummate volunteer. She loves her position as Teddy Bear Stitching Nurse on Canada Day, and enjoys helping support her community.  Lisa is a kind and caring person who wears her heart on her sleeve.

Dave Jeggo

Dave Jeggo is an 11-year Constable with the Brockville Police Service. He was born in Saskatchewan and lived most of his life in Ottawa. He graduated St. Lawrence College in 2004 and has lived here since. Dave is a big soccer and cycling fan. Dave has absolutely no dance experience whatsoever and apologizes in advance to his partner for any broken toes that she may incur. Dave looks forward to his dance team placing higher than the firefighter.


Choreographer Sam Crosby, Dancer Lisa Free, Dancer Steph Jones

Sam Crosby

Sam Crosby began her training in Ballet and Tap at the age of 4 in Port Colborne under the guidance of Ava Balogh.  As the years progressed, she found much success in Ballet (ISTD), Tap and Jazz (CDTA) through performance and yearly examinations, training under some of Canada's most influential instructors and artistic directors.  She expanded her study into Modern/Contemporary dance in her early 20s.  Sam has trained in Acrobatics, Zumba, Modern, Pilates and Pound, is certified with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association, as well as the Ontario College of Teachers.  Seeking to enrich the lives of young dancers in our area, Sam founded and owned Bread of Life Dance Theatre (BOLDT) in its first decade of operation.  She has choreographed many award-winning pieces, and has been the instructional leader for York University's Dance Summer Additional Qualifications course.  Sam was involved in Peggy Baker’s instalment of MOVE at the Tett Centre in the Summer of 2015.  Sam has choreographed a variety of musicals, some for community theatre (locally) and some professionally.  Sam looks forward to choreographing for Dancing Stars for the first time this year.

Lisa Free

Lisa is a full time Professional artist who’s work focuses on landscapes of the beautiful 1000 Islands.  Her work has been featured in prominent art magazines and television design shows.  She was born and raised in Brockville and returned in 2001 to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.  She thanks her community for supporting her work and will give back by making a fool of herself on stage dancing for a great charity.

Stef Jones

Stef Jones, aka: Dr. Jones is a full time restauranteur, part time rock star. Always awesome. Never not awesome.  Father of 3 boys, I’m a life long resident of Brockville, and I’m happy to help out in our amazing community.  My wife, Karen and I own and operate The Noshery on King St. West.  I’m also a part time guitar player/singer and entertainer. I love to entertain, Whether it’s on stage or at The Noshery, you will be entertained to the best of my ability.  In the immortal words of David Lee Roth: “If all the world’s a stage, I want better lighting”!

Let’s Dance!


Choreographer Grace Villanueva, Dancer Laura Oliver, Dancer Dave Campbell

Grace Villanueva

Grace Villanueva is an award winning choreographer and Artistic Director of Thrill Dancers. She became Artistic Director of Thrill Dancers in 2008 after teaching since 2004.  As a choreographer, Grace has won many awards from dance competitions through out Ontario and Quebec and has had the opportunity of working in industrial events for Air Canada and CTV's Canada AM. Grace has been an intregal part of  Dancing Stars of  Leeds Grenville since its beginnings,  and wishes everyone good luck!! 

Laura Oliver

Laura Oliver has made a home in Brockville for the last 25 years.  In that time, she has been active in community theatre with the Brockville Theatre Guild, and more recently with “The Uppity Improv Society”- of which she and her husband Mark are founding members.  However, that doesn’t mean that she can dance!  Laura is willing to step, kick and twirl far outside of her comfort zone to support the Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau.  As the Vice Principal of TR Leger, Laura has seen first-hand the difference that volunteers make in the community; as well, the centre provides opportunities for some of Laura’s vulnerable students to make a contribution to the community and feel proud of their accomplishments.  With that in mind, Laura is bravely setting forth to the unexplored territory of the dance floor

David Campbell

David moved to Brockville in December of 2016 and started working as the Branch Manager at the Parkedale and Stewart Scotiabank location.  The move brought him closer to some family who already lived in the area.  David has worked at Scotiabank since 2008 and he is very proud how many local charities ScotiaBank contributes to every year.  Last year alone we contributed over $50K to local causes in the Brockville area.


Choreographers Sydney Eyre & Jacki Oliver, Dancer Kathryn Ruttiman, Dancer Dan Dufour

Sydney Eyre

Sydney has been an integral part of the Thrill Dancers' competition team for the past 7 years. She also helps bring the joy of dance to the youngest people in Brockville as a recreational dance teacher.  Sydney has taken part in many award winning dances, and is a BCI scholar with a school average over 90%! Sydney is excited to be taking part in performance opportunities this upcoming year, like performing during  half time for the Toronto Raptors 905 basketball team! 

She is excited to be a part of this year's Dancing Stars Leeds Grenville! 

Jacki Oliver 

Jacki has been an integral part of the Thrill Dancers' competition team for the past 7 years. She also helps bring the joy of dance to the youngest people in Brockville as a recreational dance teacher. Jacki  has taken part in many award winning dances, is an active member of the Brockville Theatre and Improv Comedy community, and is excited to be taking  part in performance opportunities this upcoming year,  like performing during  half time for the Toronto Raptors 905 basketball team! 

She is excited to be a part of this year's Dancing Stars Leeds Grenville! 

Kathryn Ruttiman

My name is Kathryn Ruttimann.  Along with being a terrible dancer, I’m a proud Mom of three children two of whom are grown and one still in the nest.  I am lucky enough to have spent my 25 career working in the Credit Union System building Financial success for members and Communities alike.  I recently transitioned to the role of Branch Manager of the local Branch of Kawartha Credit Union. 

I am equal parts of excited and terrified to be involved in this fun event!   Let’s Dance!  

Dan Dufour

Dan is an Ottawa boy who spent a lot of time in school just to avoid working!  He moved to Brockville in 2000 initially for only a year, but got sucked into the vortex and he has stayed ever since.  Dan is the father of 2 great kids, and he enjoys travelling and new challenges. He admits to not having seen a dance floor (sober) in over 20 years! 

Dan is currently an anesthesiologist at BGH and has requested an operating room be ready to go on March 2nd.


Choreographer Karen MacNaull, Dancer Brenna Darling, Dancer Michael Trussell

Karen MacNaull

As the founder of Aaliyah Dance, Karen loves exploring movement and dance expression and teaches Middle Eastern dance or belly dance here in Brockville. Karen studied modern, ballet, jazz and African dance before studying Middle Eastern dance in her teenage years. These and the dances of her birthplace, Puerto Rico, and calypso from the Caribbean all helped to form her dance expression. Karen is pleased to once again be part of this great fundraiser, Dancing Stars of Leeds & Grenville.

Brenna Darling

I am a Policy and Program Review Analyst for the Community and Social Services Division at the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. I am married and a mom to two little boys, two dogs, and have recently begun instructing Zumba at CrossFit BECC.

Michael Trussell

I am a full time husband, Father of 3 sons and Grandfather to 8 and ½. I worked 40 yrs at Dupont in various roles. Now that I am retired I fill my time as a Service provider for Weight Watchers. As a life member of the Brockville Operatic Society, Brockville Theatre Guild and Brockville and Area Music and Performing Arts Hall of Fame, I hope they don’t take it all away when they find out I can’t dance....







Meanwhile, check out last year competitors...

Meet the dancers and choreographers of Dancing Stars of Leeds Grenville 2017!

Team # 1

Dancer Amanda KeeleyAmanda

Amanda Keeley moved to the St. Lawrence region in 2013 and began her business in health and wellness as well as continuing to pursue her lifelong dream of being a musician. The proud owner of Reiki Yoga Wellness, Amanda is a certified yoga instructor and reiki master helping people to achieve their health & wellness goals via the path of reiki, yoga, meditation, music and wellness retreats in the 1000 islands and abroad. Amanda is also a singer/songwriter currently working on her first album and plays various shows throughout Ontario with her fellow musician friends and husband in the Amanda Keeley Band.

Dancer Chris Spence

Christopher Spence, age 27, has a passion for the restaurant industry and tends bar at The Georgian Dragon Ale House & Pub. Born and raised in Brockville, Chris' charismatic personality and hard work has allowed him to lead an active lifestyle including socializing, snowboarding, travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Choreographer Grace Villanueva and Spencer Moreau  

Grace Villanueva is an award winning choreographer and Artistic Director of Thrill Dancers. She became Artistic Director of Thrill Dancers in 2008 after teaching since 2004. As a choreographer, Grace has won many awards from dance competitions through out Ontario and Quebec and has had the opportunity of working in industrial events for Air Canada and CTV's Canada AM. Grace is proud to be a part of Dancing Stars Leeds Grenville since its inception and wishes everyone good luck!!

Spencer Moreau – With a definitive interest in living life on the edge, Spencer brings a fresh approach to this competition. As a first-time instructor at the Bread of Life Dance Theatre, this rock-climbing enthusiast is meticulous, hard-working, and excited to bring his winning team-spirit approach to this year’s event. An athlete on many fronts, Spencer is all about having fun, taking chances, and pushing his pair to dance their best.

Team # 2

Dancer Sherry Leeder

Sherry Leeder is the V.P. Of The Brockville Theatre Guild. Heavily involved in community theatre, Sherry's recent credits include producing, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and performing in the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival's 'Julius Caesar'. Sherry works as a Kindergarten teacher for the UCDSB, raising 2 young teenagers who have both performed in productions with her.

Dancer Chris Coyea

"Chris Coyea is an opera and concert singer by profession and has sung all over the world. He was born and raised in Brockville and is currently a professor of music for the St. Lawrence College Music Theatre Program where he has been Music director for more than 30 shows at the Brockville Arts Centre. Most recently Chris was Music director of South Pacific for the B.O.S. and was also chosen as Brockville's Citizen of the Year for his many contributions to the Performing Arts and Brockville's musical community."

Choreographer Sarah Cushing

I am 17 years old and was a competitive dancer for 10 years. I have now shifted my focus to golf in which I aspire to get a scholarship in to a university in the United States. I currently live my passion for dance through teaching at Breathe Dance Company.

Team # 3

Dancer Jeanette Johnston 

Jeanette Johnston is an Elizabethtown-Kitley resident and is the Business Development Coordinator at the Leeds Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre. Jeanette is married and has two teenagers and volunteers in many organizations in the community. Valuing community and supporting economic development is her passion. She has been looking forward to the opportunity to dance in Dancing Stars of Leeds Grenville for a long time and is excited to fundraise and promote the Volunteer Centre.

Dancer Chris Julien 

Chris grew up in Addison ON, and attended Athens District HS before receiving his Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. He is the proud father of 2 sons, Philip and Thomas, and the husband of 1 wife, Laura whom he adores. Chris is the supervisor of the electrical and yard shops at Ingredion Canada in Cardinal ON.

Choreographer Christina Edge Choreographer

Christina Edge has always been a dancer. She began at the age of five taking Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Baton Twirling in Hamilton, Ontario. Her interest in dancing and twirling led to her becoming a member of the Hamilton Tigerettes, performing at promotional events and the Pre Game and Half Time Shows at the Hamilton Tiger Cat games. After moving here she opened Studio C Dance, which has been in operation for over 25 years.

Team # 4

Dancer Leanne Lackey

Born & raised in Ingleside, Ontario. After attending the Art & Technique academy of Hair Design in Cornwall I relocated to Brockville 12 years ago. I'm currently the manager of Studio 9 Salon & Day Spa, and when I'm not spending every waking hour playing in someone's hair you can find me at HUA gym, spending time with my 2 daughters or catching up on my hobby of wedding photography.

Dancer Joe Smith

Our next competitor was born and raised in Brockville where he grew up playing baseball. He works at 1000 Islands Toyota (never heard of it)?? and lives with his spouse Sarah, raising their beautiful 2 year old daughter Olivia. He is interested in everything automotive spending much of his free time working on his cars. Please welcome Joe "Jose" Smith

Choreographer Grace Villanueva

Grace Villanueva is an award winning choreographer and Artistic Director of Thrill Dancers. She became Artistic Director of Thrill Dancers in 2008 after teaching since 2004. As a choreographer, Grace has won many awards from dance competitions through out Ontario and Quebec and has had the opportunity of working in industrial events for Air Canada and CTV's Canada AM. Grace is proud to be apart of Dancing Stars Leeds Grenville since its inception and wishes everyone good luck!!

Team # 5

Dancer Leah Davidson

Leah is the owner and head coach at CrossFit BECC (pronounced beck), she is currently finishing up her yoga certification and is also a retired Sergeant in the Canadian forces. Leah moved to Brockville a year ago to pursue her passion for fitness with her husband Shawn (veteran dancing stars of leads Grenville season 2)

Dancer Russ Brown

I had my first experience with dance as an extra in our grade 2 play of a Charlie Brown Christmas. I left my roots in Elliot Lake and moved to Waterloo to attend university where I’m sure I tripped and hit a few dance floors. I’ve lived and practiced Optometry in Brockville for over 22 years with my wife, Cherice, and two children, Emma and Laine

Choreographer Katrina Burns

Team # 6

Dancer Tawnya Boileau 

Tawnya lives in Brockville and is the School Health Coordinator at the Health Unit. While she has no formal dance training, she has a passion for all genres of dancing and has been known to break a toe while attempting to highland dance. Tawnya is also known for her hula hooping abilities.
Optional: end reading my bio with Jazz hands. Lol!

Dancer Dr. Gurfatah Sandhu 

Our next competitor graduated with a Bachelors of Dental Surgery degree from Bharati University in Pune, India in 2003. While earning this degree, he was actively involved in sports and dance for which he received various awards. After successfully passing Parts One and Two of the National Board Dental Examination, he was accepted into Tufts University. While at Tufts, he served as class president. He also worked part time as a Dental Hygienist.
In the spring of 2008 Dr. Sandhu received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine.
Upon graduation Dr. Sandhu moved to Ontario and has made Brockville his home along with his wife and two sons.

Choreographer Karen MacNaull of Boldt Dance Studios

Karen studied Martha Graham modern dance, jazz and ballet as a young girl and began middle eastern/belly dance when her mother decided she was too much of a tomboy and dragged her to a class as a teenager. Still a tomboy, but loving all dance forms, Karen is involved in the worldwide ShimmyMob fundraiser in support of victims of domestic violence

Team # 7

Lianna QuinnDancer Lianna Quinn

A vagabond of sorts, Lianna moved to Brockville in 2004. She feeds her need to move around by working at and volunteering with various businesses and organizations in the city, but most of all through dance. When she dances, people often call her a rising phoenix, which is ironic, because the bar the Phoenix is where she got her start in dance. She currently prescribes to Shakira's theory of dance in that the hips don't lie and is ready to cut loose, footloose, for the Volunteer Centre.

Neal PedderDancer Neal Pedder

Neal Pedder is the manager of The Wine Shop. Less than a year ago he got his dream move to Brockville (or Brockvegas as the locals say) from the GTA. In his spare time you might find him watching Premier league soccer or sampling the latest Cabernet Merlot.

Alicia JessupChoreographer Alicia Jessup of Dreams in Motion

Alicia is a Gananoque native who began dancing at the age of 6 with Debbie’s Dance Academy and then with Dreams in Motion. She began teaching at Dreams in Motion in 2011 and is now one of the coaches of the Dreams in Motion competitive team and a co-dance director. She teaches in Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre styles. After taking home 2nd place with her teams the last two years she is thrilled to be back with DSLG this year!


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