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Fostering excellence and leadership in volunteerism through programs, services and support.


A vibrant, caring community where volunteers enrich lives and people feel connected.



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About Our Charity 

Throughout its 35 year history the Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau has played a vital role in building community capacity by providing leadership opportunities, training and placement for volunteers in non-profit organizations and creating a sense of belonging and inclusion in the community for volunteers.

Nonprofit agencies and organizations have been served through the promotion of volunteerism, the recruitment and referral of volunteers, education and networking support to agencies and individuals.

We focus on impacting Strong Communities through Community Engagement by supporting over 30 local non-profits by coordinating and collaborating in programs such as the:

  • Community Volunteer Income Tax Program
  • “ChangeTheWorld” Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge
  • Youth Empowered Surfing Seniors (YESS) Program
  • Senior4Kids program
  • Student Volunteer Caring Awards
  • Shimmymob-Brockville
  • Brockville Refugee Resettlement Program
  • Community Wide Clean-up


  • Project specific recruitment of older adults, seniors and youth through programs such as the Community Volunteer Income Tax program; Change the World Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge and more recently the Seniors4Kids in-school program and the YESS (Youth Empowered Surfing Seniors) program.


  • Networking meetings that support opportunities to share skills and highlight needs of non-profit agencies
  • Skill development opportunities through specialized workshops such as fundraising, Board Governance, volunteer management and certified skill based volunteer recognition (PREB-Ontario)
  • Presentations and speaking opportunities throughout Leeds Grenville
  • Participation in Volunteer Fairs and forums
  • Providing year round free Income Tax preparation for low income citizens in both urban and rural communities
  • Loaning of Equipment and resources of benefit to non-profit agencies and organizations
  • Bringing the voice of the volunteer sector through networking and representation on several interagency committees and volunteer Boards of Directors.
  • Regular use of traditional and social media to: share and inform about our services, promote volunteerism, volunteer opportunities, nonprofit related information, events and successes.
  • Recognize and celebrate volunteers and volunteerism during designated volunteer recognition and awareness events throughout the year.

The Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau is a registered charity that is incorporated and is run by a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee and a Centre Manager. Throughout the year there are hundreds of volunteers involved in all aspects of programming, service delivery and fundraising. We are a member agency of the United Way of Leeds Grenville, Volunteer Canada, The Ontario Volunteer Centre Network and the Brockville and District Chamber of Commerce.


Community Support

The Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau  is a non-profit entity, registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a Charitable Organization. We are funded by the United Way of Leeds and Grenville, Agency Membership fees, project specific grants, and other fund development initiatives.

The Volunteer Centre is grateful for the community support received from our funders and partners.

Almost 50% of our funding comes from memberships, donations and community based fundraising.

If you believe in strong and healthy communities and the role of volunteers in contributing to a caring society, a robust economy and a vibrant culture, then please consider making a donation to the Volunteer Centre.


For further information please visit our office or call:


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